Wagyu cows are a breed imported from Japan. In 1976 two fullblood bulls were brought over, Mazda and Mt Fuji. In 1993 five more fullbloods were imported: Suzutani, Okutani, Rikitani, Michifuku, and Haruki 2. Wagyu cows are famous for their marbling and the "melt in your mouth" tenderness of the meat. They are also a smaller and generally much more gentle cow. Looking at the genetics there are 3 major bloodlines or "families" within the breed, coming from 3 different regions of Japan and each bringing something different to the genetics. The Tajima bloodline has outstanding marbling, a lower growth rate, smaller cows and excellent beef quality. Fujiyoshi cows are well balanced, with good weight gain and are a larger cow. Kedaka are larger with fantastic conformation and a good top line but have inconsistent meat quality. ​


At Shallow Springs Ranch we believe that to produce truly exceptional Wagyu you need to focus on the entire cow. That means not only breeding wagyu with high marbling rates but also cows that are well balanced, have high milk production and growth rates, and also have a sweet temperament. All of this takes time but we believe these cows are worth the work. All cows on our ranch are treated with love and respect, checked daily to make sure they are healthy, given large pastures to roam, and are fed hay that is either grown by us or one of our neighbors to guarantee quality.

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